The Collective

Citizen Science Platform 

The Collective is a multisided Citizen Science platform. It is supporting scientific projects by connecting organizations, institutes and volunteers.


The Collective promotes Citizen Science, which is a form of support for scientific and common weal projects by voluntary citizens. Due to the lack of time and competency in public relations it is difficult for initiators to present their projects to a wide range of people. The web platform the_collective facilitates projects in a neat and detailed way. It presents Citizen Science in different subjects and locations. This enables the upraise of more data in general. The platform’s focus lies on an easy and human-centered access to participate and be a part in such projects.

After inserting all project details a page is created which presents all the content in an attractive layout. By using the startpage the volunteer is able to see projects which he can participate at his location. The project pages are showing main informations, pictures, sort of gathered data and a project description. After using the participate button, the user is directed to the options to insert data. Furthermore members of the_collective have the possibility to connect with initiators, organizations and other supporters.

Max Popp

User Experience Design





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