Visual Soundscapes

Human Cloud

Human Cloud is a interactive music visualisation.
A mirror-image is created through active particles, which react to sound input and the human movement.

Human Cloud

The project „Human Cloud“ is the result from a workshop called „Dreidimensionales Gestalten im Medialen Raum“ with Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernandez Castro. Human Cloud is primarily concerned with the human shape in connection with musical influence. The basic idea was a mirror image which is generated through the human shape.

A „Point Cloud“ is used to create a visual of the human shape in the third dimension. Because of that its not just a 2-dimensional mirror image its a projection with variety of depthfield in it. The movement of the single particles is controlled by musical input.

How we did it

Everything was coded in Processing with the use of some libraries. The mainobject of the installation is a "Microsoft Kinect", which has got a infrared camera to analyse the depthfield. The outgoing information is sent to the programm and finally presented on a High Definition projector as projectionmapping.

Date: Oct 2013
Project Type: Student project
Course: Dreidimensionales Gestalten im Medialen Raum
Profess, Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro